3 de setembro de 2009

Intelligent design?

Publica-se a seguir o resumo da conferência que o Jesuíta George Coyne irá proferir no Congresso sobre o Impacto de Darwin, na Faculdade de Filosofia de Braga (10-12 de Setembro)

Coyne, George V., S.J. Vatican Observatory, Evolution and intelligent design: what is science and what is not

One of the principal issues involved in the debate about the supposed insufficiency of neo-Darwinian evolution and the contested validity of intelligent design explanations for biological phenomena is that to do with the meaning of science itself, as it has been understood since the time of Galileo. As a background to defending my claim that the intelligent design explanations are not science, I wish to present a fundamental distinction which is at the basis of understanding what science does and what it cannot, as such, do. This is the distinction between what is meant by “origins” and what is meant by “creation.” In so doing I wish to set a cosmological background to the discussion of biological evolution. Then I will give a brief history of scientific methodology in order to substantiate my claim that the intelligent design movement lies outside of that methodology.